– Rob McIntosh & Suzanne McIntosh

We wanted to write this letter to inform other prospective home sellers of the fantastic service Mary Macpherson provides. Our home was more than just an asset, it was something that we had put our lives into. We had completely remodeled the home and spent almost all of our free time engaged in bettering the home and landscaping. When it came time to sell our home, we wanted to find an agent who would give the home the attention it deserved. After all, our lives (and financial resources) were entwined in the fabric of our home and we really wanted to work with an agent whom we believed would take a personal stake in representing our home. That said, we ultimately valued an agent who could extract the maximum value for our home. Unfortunately, we did not first work with Mary. This engagement was a disaster. The first agent provided no personal attention and the majority of work was shuffled to assistants. It was evident that the agent was more interested in selling a large volume of homes instead of extracting the maximum value for each listing. Following the error of our first engagement, we then heavily interviewed new prospective agents. We were looking for an agent whom we believed would be committed to the sale of our home and who had the resources/network of a large brokerage to provide additional leverage in the process. Luckily, we were referred to Mary. In referencing Mary, we discovered that she had a fantastic reputation amongst her peer agents, was known for fully engaging herself in her representation and also for extracting strong values. Thankfully, Mary agreed to work with us in resuscitating our listing. From the start, there was a complete difference of style and personality. Mary took a personal interest in our home. She was devoted to ensuring that she understood the full details of the home, the neighbors and the benefits of the surrounding neighborhood. It was evident that Mary was personally involved and committed to a successful listing. She arrived at our house early for each showing and was incredibly meticulous. We would find Mary polishing a window, sweeping small bits from the driveway or watering our plants. Mary did everything she possibly could to show our home in the best possible light with the philosophy that details make the difference in extracting maximum value. We sincerely believed that Mary provided us with a level of attention as if she was selling her own home. The results with Mary speak for themselves. Mary has a vast network of personal relationships with prospective buyers and agents. Her reputation of being hands on and representing quality clients led to an influx of higher quality potential buyers. In a short period of time, we had over 300 buyers tour our home. Mary was relentless during the process and made a special effort to follow up with every buyer. Each day, she then outlined her core activities for the day, the status of potential buyers and her marketing plan for the upcoming period. In the end, Mary created a competitive process that generated multiple offers and even a back-up offer. Further, she was able to provide a value for our home that exceeded our expectations. Also, importantly, Mary did not abandon us after the offers came in. She shepherded the deal through to cash in the bank. Mary was a fantastic partner in the sale of our home. In the end, I guess one mainly cares if they were able to generate a strong value for their home. However, selling a home can be an incredibly painful process. Mary created a smooth and professional process that comforted us as sellers. And, we are confident that no other agent could have created the awareness or commanded the final sales price of our property. We would absolutely use Mary again and feel confident in referring her to friends and family.