– Greg Maged and Sharon Kedar

We can’t say enough good things about Mary. Moving cross-country was a stressful experience for us since we have two small children and we both work full time. We found a great home in the DC area and decided to move quickly to sell our place in SF to reduce the time when we needed to carry two homes. We called Mary late one evening, I think it was around 9pm on a Tuesday, on the suggestion of our friends who used to live next door and had worked with Mary to sell their home. They had initially retained a different agent but after not seeing results for an extended period of time, switched to Mary. They were extremely happy with Mary and her ability to quickly get the house back on track and sold. Mary immediately responded to our call – I think within 20 minutes. We set up time to meet the next day. She showed up the next day with comps, a listing strategy, and a schedule of what needed to happen by when. Within two days, we had removed cluttered items and arranged for a photo shoot. By that Fri, we had a beautiful color brochure in hand (I still don’t know how Mary got this produced so quickly). Mary arranged a preliminary showing and then we opened the doors for prime time on Sunday. We had an offer on Sunday night. I’m sharing the blow-by-blow details to illustrate how quick and responsive Mary was with us. There is no doubt we got lucky in having the right buyer walk through the door so quickly, but we assign much if not most of the credit to Mary. She is knowledgeable about the market and how to price, decisive, pragmatic, and very sharp. She understands how to market a home efficiently via multiple media channels. My wife and I are busy and bottom-line oriented. We wanted to work with someone who could help us focus on the critical things that needed to happen and reduce the stress of selling a home. Mary was exactly this person. She walked into our home and, instead of finding fault with things, as many other agents had with whom we spoke (e.g., “you need to repaint the house,” “you need to replace the entire backyard fence,”…), Mary focused on the great aspects of the home and how it would be an ideal place for X and Y type of buyers. She instilled confidence which we thought to be a critical attribute of the person who would be representing our home to the community. As my wife noted at the time, if our agent isn’t in love with the house, they won’t sell the house well. Mary exudes positivity which conveys to the property.