It’s a pleasure working with Mary

After having the pleasure of working with Mary, we will never want to work with a different real estate agent. Selling your place is just as stressful as buying one and we do not believe that anyone with less expertise and tactful skills than Mary would have been able to navigate with us through this process. For professional reasons we were forced to relocate to the East Coast and never thought that it would be possible to sell our unit in the current market (or what we had heard of it). Very little did we know. After meeting with Mary, we were quickly convinced by her professionalism, expertise, knowledge, enthusiasm and integrity. Mary has been a straightforward agent who always had our best interest in mind and who worked relentlessly on the sale of our unit. She knew the right strategy and went with it never giving us the feeling that she would “play” with our property or money. For her, the client and relationship building comes first and it showed through the entire process. In addition, we need to point out Mary’s interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, which were certainly put to an test during the sale but she kept us calm and focused. Oh, and did we mention that we never had an open house but that our unit sold within the first day of an exclusive preview for $100,000 above asking? We wish we could have taken Mary with us for the purchase of our new home on the East Coast. Claudia Keller and Antonio Quiros (sellers of 73 Sumner #401) Thank you!