Why Mary Macpherson?


Mary is the perfect agent to help anyone navigate the treacherous SF real estate market. Her knowledge of all products is very deep, and her attention to detail is amazing. Most critically, not only will you enjoy working with her on your purchase, but other agents love working with her too. This is invaluable in any transaction. I would recommend Mary on the buy side or sell side of any property sale.

– Robert Hatton

Mary MacPherson is the reason we have a home in the city. Mary is an excellent San Francisco real estate agent. Mary’s ability to understand her clients’ needs, analyze the SF market, and find a home is impressive. For us, this meant navigating through a 1030 exchange with an investor-seller. Mary’s detailed knowledge of real estate gave us the confidence to proceed with bidding on and purchasing the home. We are happily raising our children in SF.

– Jeff & Monica A.

Mary and her team are phenomenal! Truly best of the best. She is hyper focused on doing what is best for her clients, going above and beyond any expectations we had for an agent.

We have no doubt without her help we would not have been able to purchase our home.

She’s efficient due to unparalleled knowledge of the San Francisco real estate market. She is known, and respected by the greater agent community as well as the mortgage brokers throughout the city.

We will be selling our first home once our remodel is complete, and I have the utmost confidence that Mary will continue to provide us exceptional service. We’re excited to work with her again.

– Jimmy Tsamis

If you want a Realtor who is the BEST EVER, get Mary! She is going to get you what you want and you will have fun along the way. She makes things happen in a non-pushy and reassuring way. We’re ever grateful to her because this perfect home wouldn’t have happened without her ballsy can-do spirit!

p.s. she’s just a great person all in all.

– Julie D.

After having the pleasure of working with Mary, we will never want to work with a different real estate agent. Selling your place is just as stressful as buying one and we do not believe that anyone with less expertise and tactful skills than Mary would have been able to navigate with us through this process.

For professional reasons we were forced to relocate to the East Coast and never thought that it would be possible to sell our unit in the current market (or what we had heard of it). Very little did we know. After meeting with Mary, we were quickly convinced by her professionalism, expertise, knowledge, enthusiasm and integrity. Mary has been a straightforward agent who always had our best interest in mind and who worked relentlessly on the sale of our unit. She knew the right strategy and went with it never giving us the feeling that she would “play” with our property or money. For her, the client and relationship building comes first and it showed through the entire process. In addition, we need to point out Mary’s interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, which were certainly put to an test during the sale but she kept us calm and focused.

Oh, and did we mention that we never had an open house but that our unit sold within the first day of an exclusive preview for $100,000 above asking?

We wish we could have taken Mary with us for the purchase of our new home on the East Coast.

– Claudia Keller and Antonio Quiros

She is an absolutely amazing agent. I live in New York, and she was able to sell my San Francisco condo in record time at my ideal price point. She had an excellent marketing strategy through her selective top agent network and knows exactly the right stager, handyman, inspection agent etc to get for your home to ensure a seamless process and secure the highest possible sale price. Throughout the sale, she kept me updated on all necessary aspects of the showings, paperwork, etc She was patient, very diligent and held my hand every step of the way. I highly recommend Mary for any of your real estate needs.

– Cynthia Loh

Mary is one of the most prepared and knowledgeable professionals I’ve ever worked with, but what really sets her apart is that she genuinely cares about you as a person and not just a client.

We first contacted Mary in 2012 to sell our daughter’s TIC after she moved to LA for work. At the time, the housing market was just starting to recover from the recession. Mary did an assessment for us and although she would have tried to sell the unit if we insisted, she suggested that we would be better off renting the unit for a brief time until the market fully recovered. We decided to take her advice and she introduced us to a colleague that helped us prepare the unit, find a tenant and rent out the unit.

We really never wanted to be landlords so when the tenants decided to terminate their lease, the first person we called was Mary. Within a week of the tenants moving out, Mary had the unit cleaned, painted, staged and scheduled for open house. By the end of the second week, we had 7 very good offers.

This was the first time we had ever sold any type of real estate, but Mary was there every step of the way making sure we knew what was going on, that we were comfortable with the process and that we were happy with our choices. She made sure everything was taken care of and any possible “gotchas” were nipped in the bud. We put a lot of trust and faith in Mary’s advice and guidance and she didn’t disappoint. From her advice to rent, to how to stage, to setting the selling price, she hit on all marks. We completed our sale having accepted a very generous offer that was over and above our asking price.

If you’re looking for a realtor in San Francisco, save yourself time and effort and call Mary. I highly recommend her.

– Gregory, Susan and Kerry K.

Hands down, you can’t find a better realtor in San Francisco than Mary. She goes the extra mile and then some!! I’m convinced her personality wins the other side over and keeps YOU in the catbird seat.

The most amazing thing about her is that she makes you feel like you are her only client when you know full well she is a busy bee. My husband and I are in the middle of a complicated escrow and I don’t think we would have made it this far without her. She is also a great resource for contractors, etc too.

You are crazy if you pick anyone else to represent you or your property. She is truly the BEST!

– Ari H.

We can’t say enough good things about Mary. Moving cross-country was a stressful experience for us since we have two small children and we both work full time. We found a great home in the DC area and decided to move quickly to sell our place in SF to reduce the time when we needed to carry two homes.

We called Mary late one evening, I think it was around 9pm on a Tuesday, on the suggestion of our friends who used to live next door and had worked with Mary to sell their home. They had initially retained a different agent but after not seeing results for an extended period of time, switched to Mary. They were extremely happy with Mary and her ability to quickly get the house back on track and sold.

Mary immediately responded to our call – I think within 20 minutes. We set up time to meet the next day. She showed up the next day with comps, a listing strategy, and a schedule of what needed to happen by when. Within two days, we had removed cluttered items and arranged for a photo shoot. By that Fri, we had a beautiful color brochure in hand (I still don’t know how Mary got this produced so quickly). Mary arranged a preliminary showing and then we opened the doors for prime time on Sunday. We had an offer on Sunday night.

I’m sharing the blow-by-blow details to illustrate how quick and responsive Mary was with us. There is no doubt we got lucky in having the right buyer walk through the door so quickly, but we assign much if not most of the credit to Mary. She is knowledgeable about the market and how to price, decisive, pragmatic, and very sharp. She understands how to market a home efficiently via multiple media channels. My wife and I are busy and bottom-line oriented. We wanted to work with someone who could help us focus on the critical things that needed to happen and reduce the stress of selling a home. Mary was exactly this person. She walked into our home and, instead of finding fault with things, as many other agents had with whom we spoke (e.g., “you need to repaint the house,” “you need to replace the entire backyard fence,”…), Mary focused on the great aspects of the home and how it would be an ideal place for X and Y type of buyers. She instilled confidence which we thought to be a critical attribute of the person who would be representing our home to the community. As my wife noted at the time, if our agent isn’t in love with the house, they won’t sell the house well. Mary exudes positivity which conveys to the property.

– Greg Maged and Sharon Kedar

My husband and I have known Mary for the past ten years.

We recently used her to buy our dream home and sell our old home. Mary was phenomenal! She really listened to our wants/desires and sent us listings immediately matching them. She is someone you want representing you for sure! She is thoughtful, patient, and kind, but most importantly, knows real estate! She is a wealth of knowledge and experience. She did the all the work, answered all of our endless phone calls, texts, and emails. She always kept us updated along the way which really helped reduce all our anxiety we had. She makes you feel like you are her only client while you know she must have numerous.

Our purchase was complicated as our current house is a real gem. In today’s market we knew it was a stretch for us. When I told Mary I wanted this house, she calmly replied, “Let’s get it for you!” She did just that. We ended up in a bidding war and we both feel we won the house due solely to her. She knew exactly when to press for us and when to back off the selling agent. She also always kept our budget in mind, never pushing us to go beyond what we previously agreed upon.

Our old house got an offer within hours of our first open house. This again I attribute to her. She made one of the most beautiful home brochures I’ve ever seen.

Hands down she is the best! Lastly, Mary seemed to really enjoy her job and it showed everyday.

Thanks Mary!

– Cheri and Bill

Mary was an excellent partner when buying my first home in San Francisco. She is extremely responsive, knowledgeable of the SF market, and a generally great person to work with. I highly recommend Mary to anyone purchasing property in San Francisco. She is fantastic.

– Paul Monasterio

With two young children our family was quickly outgrowing our rental flat. As we started to look at our options, many friends insisted on buying, due to their experiences with the team of Mary Macpherson and Kathleen DiGrande at Paragon. We met with them early in the process and were immediately impressed at their strategy, connections, and network of mortgage and contractors.

Our family was working with a modest budget (by SF standards) and Mary and Kathleen stuck with us through many months and offers. To say they went above and beyond is an understatement, even going as far as meeting us at a new listing at 9:45pm on a Friday night, which happens to be the house we ended up getting! If you want a team that will make you feel like you are their only client, look no further. Mary is the reason our family has our own piece of SF!

Thank you Mary and Kathleen!

– C. Bauer

We wanted to write this letter to inform other prospective home sellers of the fantastic service Mary Macpherson provides.

Our home was more than just an asset, it was something that we had put our lives into. We had completely remodeled the home and spent almost all of our free time engaged in bettering the home and landscaping. When it came time to sell our home, we wanted to find an agent who would give the home the attention it deserved. After all, our lives (and financial resources) were entwined in the fabric of our home and we really wanted to work with an agent whom we believed would take a personal stake in representing our home. That said, we ultimately valued an agent who could extract the maximum value for our home.

Unfortunately, we did not first work with Mary. This engagement was a disaster. The first agent provided no personal attention and the majority of work was shuffled to assistants. It was evident that the agent was more interested in selling a large volume of homes instead of extracting the maximum value for each listing.

Following the error of our first engagement, we then heavily interviewed new prospective agents. We were looking for an agent whom we believed would be committed to the sale of our home and who had the resources/network of a large brokerage to provide additional leverage in the process. Luckily, we were referred to Mary. In referencing Mary, we discovered that she had a fantastic reputation amongst her peer agents, was known for fully engaging herself in her representation and also for extracting strong values. Thankfully, Mary agreed to work with us in resuscitating our listing. From the start, there was a complete difference of style and personality. Mary took a personal interest in our home. She was devoted to ensuring that she understood the full details of the home, the neighbors and the benefits of the surrounding neighborhood. It was evident that Mary was personally involved and committed to a successful listing. She arrived at our house early for each showing and was incredibly meticulous. We would find Mary polishing a window, sweeping small bits from the driveway or watering our plants. Mary did everything she possibly could to show our home in the best possible light with the philosophy that details make the difference in extracting maximum value. We sincerely believed that Mary provided us with a level of attention as if she was selling her own home.

The results with Mary speak for themselves. Mary has a vast network of personal relationships with prospective buyers and agents. Her reputation of being hands on and representing quality clients led to an influx of higher quality potential buyers. In a short period of time, we had over 300 buyers tour our home. Mary was relentless during the process and made a special effort to follow up with every buyer. Each day, she then outlined her core activities for the day, the status of potential buyers and her marketing plan for the upcoming period. In the end, Mary created a competitive process that generated multiple offers and even a back-up offer. Further, she was able to provide a value for our home that exceeded our expectations. Also, importantly, Mary did not abandon us after the offers came in. She shepherded the deal through to cash in the bank.

Mary was a fantastic partner in the sale of our home. In the end, I guess one mainly cares if they were able to generate a strong value for their home. However, selling a home can be an incredibly painful process. Mary created a smooth and professional process that comforted us as sellers. And, we are confident that no other agent could have created the awareness or commanded the final sales price of our property. We would absolutely use Mary again and feel confident in referring her to friends and family.

– Rob McIntosh & Suzanne McIntosh

Thank you for being such an amazing person and going so far beyond the norm and acting like its ordinary.

– Robin A.

Mary is the best Real Estate Agent and nicest person you can possibly find. Every one of my clients, business associates and friends I have refereed to Mary loves me for it. There’s not much else to say, if you want to sell or buy a house work with Mary and you’ll thank me for it!

– Patrick E.

We met Mary early in our process and were immediately impressed at her strategy, connections, and network of mortgage and contractors.

Our family was working with a modest budget (by SF standards) and Mary stuck with us through many months and offers. To say they went above and beyond is an understatement, even going as far as meeting us at a new listing at 9:45pm on a Friday night, which happens to be the house we ended up getting! If you want a team that will make you feel like you are their only client, look no further. Mary is the reason our family has our own piece of SF!

– Carrie B.

Mary helped us to purchase a perfect condo that we had been dreaming of in SF. Mary is very knowledgeable in SF market and well connected with other realtors. She was responsive to our questions, even in the middle of the night. Mary saw what every other realtors overlooked, rights to the roof for our use. We can’t wait to build a roof deck overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Thank you Mary.

– Y.L

I could not resist thanking you for your diligent, tenacious, and rigorous work that made getting the condo of my dreams possible. I know I was a very demanding client who had gone through several brokers before meeting you. That is all it took. You took my list of ‘must haves’ and budget seriously. I’ve told several individuals that if they need a real estate agent in this area, you are the only choice.

– Myrna Smoot

We recently purchased a home in the Jordan Park neighborhood and absolutely love it. Mary Macpherson, our Realtor, was amazing! She was knowledgeable, proactive, and efficient. We know we couldn’t have done it without her! And now, we are loving life in this family-friendly neighborhood, enjoying our neighbors and the local amenities. We couldn’t be happier!

- Jennifer and Irwin Silver

Meeting Mary made me feel much more confident about buying my first home. The first agent I had talked to didn’t understand what I wanted (suggesting I look at 3 bedroom places when I’m a single young person) so I felt really discouraged. Just the fact that Mary lived in SF and was extremely knowledgeable about different neighborhoods, specific buildings, and agents was very comforting. Every time I told someone I was working with Mary, the response was “I love Mary, you’re in great hands.” After looking on and off for a few months, we found an off-market condo, something only a well connected agent could find, that fit my needs.

– Jean L.

Having Mary on your team is a sure-fire way to win in the residential real estate market in San Francisco. Mary is in the top 5% giving her clients access to the best that the city has to offer. Her personal touch will make anyone comfortable with today’s competitive market; both buyers and sellers.

– Christopher Thomas

With a previous broker we looked at houses for a year then decided we needed a change. We found Mary through co-workers who raved about her. Mary totally got us…she understood what we were trying to do. We are a family with 2 young daughters trying to stay in the City. We are not gazillionaires. We’ve saved to buy a place, but we were getting outbid or not finding places that fit our needs for our budget. Within a month, we had gotten an opportunity that was being overlooked by all the other agents. Unbelievable. We were even able to negotiate $75k down…in this market,,, which floored us! We absolutely loved working with her and nominate her for SF Agent of the Year!

– Jey O.

I am absolutely thrilled I found Mary Macpherson! She is an absolutely amazing agent. I live in New York, and she was able to sell my San Francisco condo in record time at my ideal price point. I highly recommend Mary for any of your real estate needs.

– Cynthia E.

I recently worked with Mary on the purchase of a loft/condo in San Francisco. I have been dreaming for several years to move to San Francisco from the Peninsula and 2014 was finally the year it was going to happen. Mary was immediately approachable, friendly, and added value to my search from day one. I highly recommend Mary!

– Rickey O.

Mary recently sold our Condo in San Francisco. It was difficult for us as I didn’t really want to sell it but the economics were just not there and it had to happen.We received multiple offers and were very pleased with the whole process. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

– Robert T.

Mary has a true passion for real estate, she will find you the best house at the best price. If you are looking to purchase a home in San Francisco, go see Mary, she is a pure joy to be around. I highly recommend her!

– Sheree A.

Mary is a pleasure to work with. Not only is she friendly and knowledgeable, she went above and beyond to negotiate a couple properties for us. We ended up with 1 great condo that we love. Whenever someone is in the market, we always recommend her.

– Jodi S.

Mary is an amazing agent. She’s very knowledgeable of the market with years of experience, she’s very established (i.e. strong relationships with other agents), professional, resourceful, diligent, trustworthy and provides a thorough follow-up before, during and after the closing.

She helped me with the purchase of my first condo in San Francisco in a very competitive market.

– Marcus M.

Mary is hands down one of the most knowledgeable, realistic and successful real estate agents in San Francisco. I work with a plethora of Real Estate agents who usually get the job done, but Mary is three tiers above the rest.

– Nick K.

Thank you so much, this whole things has been the definition of above and beyond! We are so excited for this house and know it would have never happened with a different agent!

– Adam A.

Mary helped us purchase a beautiful home in SF in this tough housing market. We were in a bidding war and we truly believe we would not have been able to get this home without Mary’s help. She is the best agent in the city.

– Luis & Yunhee R.

Mary – thanks so much for your help during this process. It was a little nerve-wracking at times, but you gave us great advice at every point along the way. And as busy as I know you are, you always made it seem like we were your only clients. We look forward to doing business with you again and I will steer every friend I have who’s looking for an agent in your direction.

– Karen Pajarillo

Mary is a pleasure to work with. Not only is she friendly and knowledgeable, she went above and beyond to negotiate a couple properties for us. We ended up with 1 great condo that we love. Whenever someone is in the market, we always recommend her.

– Jodi Barn

I saw the perfect condo listed and knew that I had to have it. Mary knew the listing agent and that she would not be as responsive to emails and preferred hand delivered contracts. I docu signed the Purchase Contract and Mary hand delivered it to the agent. It took several days for a response, other offers were going in by email, Mary babysat my contract until it was accepted. Mary is very knowledgable of the complex, the ins/outs of the owners and HOA. Feel good about my investment and it maintaining value. Thank you!

– Ellen H.

Thank you so much for your help in finding our new house. We would not have this house without you. You did a beautiful job. You had an immediate understanding of what we wanted and you always respected our financial limitations. Both Michael and I appreciated that you never wasted our time showing us homes that wouldn’t work or were beyond our price range. Thank you again for your tireless efforts on our behalf.

– Cynthia and Michael Cauthen

Mary and Kathleen did a phenomenal job — they were very impressive… and it turned out very well for all parties..

– Dave T.

Everything looked great. We really liked the transformation. It’s hard to believe that this is the same place we started with…The brochure and website are also great. You’ve done a fantastic job. Thanks again for an outstanding marketing effort…Diane and I would like to repeat our appreciation to you for all your intense work to sell our house. We certainly could not have dreamed of how much detail and effort put in.

– Sergio and Diane Meza

Mary Macpherson

When buying or selling a home in the challenging San Francisco marketplace, you need both an experienced advocate and a trusted friend in your corner. Mary cherishes her clients and leaves no stone unturned in her work on their behalf. For a seller, that means comprehensive market acumen


Kathleen DiGrande

Kathleen DiGrande is the team’s managing director. She oversees the day-to-day operations, handles client needs quickly and compassionately, and brings a wealth of knowledge to every transaction. Her background includes interior staging and she has over 20 years of marketing experience.